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About Global Read LLC

Inventor, John R. Knight was raised in Ithaca on the shores of Lake Cayuga, upstate New York, known as the Finger Lakes Region. After High School he attended the USNA in Annapolis, MD. From there he was commissioned by congress a U.S. naval officer. Years later John was assigned a position in Scandinavia with the Royal Norwegian Navy working as a shipboard line officer operating throughout the North Sea and Norwegian fiords. It was there, while reading, that he innovated a super fun way to quickly mark a book’s page. Returning to the United States and settling on the shores of Narragansett Bay in Newport, RI he patented and trademarked the new bookmark name Bookflip™ the booktail.

His New England Company, Global Read, touts: “With reading knowledge, personal power” and “Bookflip puts the fun back into fundamentals!” Inherently he feels the Bookflip helps people enjoy the process of reading, thus helping to remind them of reading and in turn excitedly reinforcing their actions to read. Using the Bookflip is simply a pleasant process. One Bookflip owner said, with a stern look on his face: “I will never read another book again without a Bookflip.” Because of these powerful, unsolicited reactions to this new book product he sees Bookflip™ the booktail becoming popular and the description to be a suitable name phrase just as “Band-aid™ the adhesive strip” is used as a description for a product that covers a cut.